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yabu menu

What do you serve at Yabu restaurant?

Mozzarella coated in crunchy golden panko, tossed with Yabu's special blend of furikake, served with spicy aioli dip. Available in Regular (good for 2-3 people) and Large (good for 4-5 people) Fresh vegetables tossed with chunks of chicken and wanton crisps in mustard vinaigrette.

What kind of meat is in Yabu?

Authentic Japanese minced meat, made with superior ground beef and pork, mixed together with Yabu's special spices, and stuffed with creamy cheese. Thick & juicy pork cutlet with no fat, breaded with freshly-produced panko, fried to golden brown perfection.

Why choose Yabu?

Yabu has been serving Japanese cuisine to happy customers since 1990. We specialize in soba, a nutritious, low-calorie Japanese noodle made from buckwheat and wheat flours. We also serve fresh seafood, carefully selected at the fish market every morning. Our sushi and sashimi are as popular among long-time Yabu lovers as our famous noodle dishes.

How many ingredients are in Yabu Katsu?

Yabu's cream dory katsu served with our signature curry” made with 45 ingredients, slow-cooked to perfection. Choose your level of spiciness: regular, hot, very hot. Yabu's pork loin katsu served with our signature curry— made with 45 ingredients, slow-cooked to perfection.

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