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What is WPC flooring?

WPC flooring stands for wood-polymer composite or wood-plastic composite (the terms are interchangeable). Basically, WPC is a type of luxury vinyl plank flooring. Again: WPC isn’t a distinct flooring category like hardwood or tile. Rather, it refers to a specific kind of LVT or LVP core . We’ll go into more detail on that below.

What is the density of the WPC board?

The density of the WPC board is 600 kg/cm3. Advantages of WPC boards 1. WPC boards are 100% termite proof and waterproof.

Is WPC good for the environment?

Especially in children and elder people. WPC is 100% VOC free and also it does not emit formaldehyde in the atmosphere. No trees are cut in their making, which means they are environment-friendly products leading to a green revolution. It is manufactured with rice /wheat husk and virgin thermoplastics.

What is WPC excessive rainfall outlook?

Interface for specialized WPC Excessive Rainfall Outlook Maps for NWS County Warning Areas and States. Analog guidance that uses an objective approach to find historical events that are similar to the upcoming forecast.


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