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What does WPC stand for?

Westminster Presbyterian Church (WPC) is an Australian denomination in the Evangelical, Reformed and Presbyterian family of churches.

What is the composition of WPC boards?

So, let us understand the composition of WPC boards. The long-form of WPC is wood plastic composite boards in terms of percentage it comprises of 70% of virgin polymer, 15% of wood powder and the remaining 15% of the additive-chemical. It is available in the size of 8’× 4′.

Is WPC good for the environment?

Especially in children and elder people. WPC is 100% VOC free and also it does not emit formaldehyde in the atmosphere. No trees are cut in their making, which means they are environment-friendly products leading to a green revolution. It is manufactured with rice /wheat husk and virgin thermoplastics.

What is the rate of WPC per square foot?

For advertisement WPC boards can be used in signboards, display boards, direct digital printing, exhibitions stands & graphics. For the 18 mm thickness of the WPC board, the rate will be approximately 95/- per sqft. The rate depends on density, thickness, brands & location.

Wpc 25

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