EuroMillions is one of the most played lotteries in Europe. As of now, nine countries are participating for this game. That includes: Austria, France, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, the UK, and Belgium. This lottery is somewhat different from the other type of lottery. In other lotteries, you are needed to select a combination number out of an array of numbers. But with this kind of lottery, it’s a bit different.

In EuroMillions, you need to select 5 number combination from 1-50. That may sound very similar to our typical lottery but, there is still a line or a box below in which you need to select 2 numbered stars from 9 numbered stars. That may sound somewhat difficult to play but the fun just starts there because, unlike the typical lottery, you got a lot of different ways to win. Winning the jackpot is still the same with the typical lottery. The number combination and the numbered star combination should be the exact winning number combination and numbered star combination. But with the other tiers of winning, it’s a bit different. You can win cash even by just having one of the winning number combinations and two winning numbered star combinations. That will mean that you already have a bigger chance of winning. But that does not end there. Players can also opt to play ten consecutive draws for the purchased ticket. That will increase your chances of winning. This lottery entitles the player to buy not just one ticket but as much tickets as the players wants. If a player will purchase more ticket, more chances of winning is waiting for him. It’s more of a sure win if a player will play his ticket right.

Even though EuroMillions is played almost all through-out the continent, your ticket is valid solely for your country. With this, prizes of the winning ticket can only be claimed on the country you purchased the ticket. For example, the player purchased a Belgium EuroMillions. If the player will win the jackpot or the other tier, the player can only claim the prize in Belgium.

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