There is a big amount of money that one won in Thai Rath lottery [หวยไทยรัฐ, which is the term in Thai]. It is very popular in Thailand and people love Thai Rath lottery. In this lottery 9 numbers will be released and the contestant who is interested in Thai Rath lottery needs to mix those numbers. In the form of 2 numbers together and then 3 numbers will be further needed. And if someone is lucky enough to get the right combination of numbers then that person will win the money.

Thai Rath lottery is one of the most famous lotteries in Thailand. And people love to invest their money in this lottery system. In just one hope that they can win this lottery one day.

Just like Thai Rath invest money in Laos lottery too

Just like the Thai Rath lottery Laos lottery [หวยลาว, which is the term in Thai] is also very famous in the Northeast region of Thailand. People from northeast part of Thailand love to put their money in Laos lottery. So, that one day the number 1 prize can become theirs. Just by the luck it can be possible to win Laos lottery. But yes, many people have this lottery and won the big prize that comes with it. So, it is worth putting the money in Laos lottery and checks the luck that one has.

The lottery is gambling or not

One can say that the lottery is gambling because in this one can win the lottery only with their luck. And in some manner is right. But there are people in the world who won lotteries for many times. And luck doesn’t favor all the time. So, it is in the middle of this desicison.

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