Playing casino games is not at all tedious in this internet era. All you should do is use your mobile or a computer to open an online casino like a Situs IDN Live and choose the game you like. You can play with extra money in the form of bonuses as below.

Welcome bonus

As you understand from the name, it is a bonus for the newcomers to the casino. Let us assume you start your search for an online casino through any search engine. The first impression you get for any casino would be its welcome bonus for the new customers. For instance, you can see an advert mentioning a welcome bonus of 100 percent of the initial deposit. It means that you would get an additional bonus equal to the amount you deposit initially. For instance, if you are thinking of starting your gambling sessions by depositing $300 into your account, you can play for $600. Since double the amount is offered, several people would think of trying the casino at least once. Likewise, the amount offered as the joining bonus may differ.

Cashback bonus

It is a bonus amount given to the players who are on the verge of losing all the money they have in their account. Sometimes, the results of the gambling games would not go in your way for a long period. You may have to lose all of your bankrolls. In such times, you may get dejected and may think of ending your gambling fantasies. However, if your casino is offering cashback bonuses, your account will get credited with a small portion of the total loss amount. It is to motivate you to try your luck for few more games. Some casinos would offer cashbacks for other scenarios as well.

No-deposit bonus

In this type of bonus, the management would not give you anything. Instead, it would allow you to play some games without making your initial deposit. Some players would not start their gambling career because of their insecurity of losing a bulk amount in the form of an initial deposit. So, casinos think that the negligence of this initial deposit could help get more clients. Likewise, the bonus is helpful for several newbie players to try their luck without having too much money beforehand.

Free spins

Every casino would have a spinning-wheel game known as a slot game. Players could win exciting prizes in these spins and they need not have any skills to play these games. However, at times, you can play these games for free as a promotional offer. Your casinos would give you free spins during several occasions or when you cross a specific milestone in your relationship with the company.

Referral bonus

You can earn money as bonuses or rewards by referring someone to the casino you are playing in. It is known as the referral bonus and it could be the easiest way to earn money while being a member of a casino.

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