The games are generally adapted by all online casino providers. Thus, there is generally no problem for users to play a game of blackjack directly from any mobile.

Live blackjack

In the case of most card games offered online, players have the option of playing the live versions. This is the case with Situs Judi QQ Online also offered in a live version against a real dealer.

This variant offers you a unique gaming experience where the rigor and the follow-up of the proposed instructions will be essential. Jack, queen, king, the cards remain unchanged, only your face to face with the physical dealer will be synonymous with change in this context. Check out our live casino guides and play this exclusive content now.

Blackjack without downloading

Online blackjack does not require any downloads. Indeed, players have the opportunity to play this table game without any software or device required beforehand. This situation allows a fast connection directly offered from a fixed or mobile computer and without the slightest element required beforehand. This will save you the long download hours that you may have experienced in the past. In fact, long downloadable content has now for the most part given way to online games which can be accessed quickly with just a few clicks.

Are there online blackjack tournaments?

If you are a competitive gambler, rest assured, online blackjack offers many tournaments. These tournaments organized by legal organizations allow players to compete against many online dealers in order to hope to win many winnings.

However, a certain level will be required beforehand to be able to start an online blackjack tournament. Indeed, players indulging in this practice are generally experienced and used to traditional online blackjack tables. However, once you have acquired enough gaming experience, you will be able to participate fully in these tournaments offered on the net. An opportunity perhaps allowing you to win the exclusive jackpot offered to the big winner of each tournament.

Blackjack variants available on the site

If blackjack comes from a mixture of old entertainment, it is also because the game has multiple variations. If you want to vary your pleasures and your bets, or just want to become a versatile player, there is nothing better than taking an interest in the different versions of online blackjack. Indeed, many casino gaming sites offer a number of variations to retain players and meet everyone’s expectations.


While each version of blackjack has its own rules and characteristics, we recommend that you focus on one variation before learning another. Indeed, there is no point in rushing under the ton of information to claim to know everything about blackjack. If you go at your own pace and don’t skip any steps, then your learning will be all the better. 

Take the time to understand the interests of a variant, the goals of the game, as well as the possible payouts, before you begin to play another version of blackjack. However, don’t be afraid to browse our articles dedicated to variations of the casino game. Indeed, our experts have set up a very precise and very clear system to best explain the rules of each version of this game to you, whether for the live or online blackjack.


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