There is the 1.76 betting method and the 1.21 betting method, etc. You can use various scripts by reflecting your own tendency and target amount.

Graph game tips using the low dividend/high dividend betting method

Low dividend betting strategy

It is a betting strategy to increase the winning chance by placing 그래프사이트 bets on the red section, low dividend. Due to the nature of a fast-paced graph game, you have no choice but to participate in many games, but low dividend bets have a high probability of winning. A betting method aiming only at extremely low dividends below 1.20 is a betting strategy that has a low yield but increases the number of winnings. It is approached with a high probability of winning, so if you use an appropriate Martin bet when you lose, it is a very high probability of profitability.

High dividend betting strategy

It is an extreme betting strategy to give up the odds of winning and the number of winnings and eat a lot when eating. It is fixed at 10x or 100x and strategically bets on high dividends in the section where high dividends are likely to occur. Since this is a high-risk high-return betting method, we recommend that you do not bet on Martin.

Graph analysis using graph game green/red betting

Like the entry ladder game, the power ball game, or the power ladder, the characteristic of the sipping game is that it has a good continuous section. Powerball analysts analyze it by drawing a continuous section like a sip and a fondant section, like a sip, and a sip. Like a power ladder, graph sites also analyze pictures and patterns. It is difficult to predict the next number, but… If you look at the overall picture, it is rather easy to find a continuous section of green or red sections. The odds are half and half, but the dividend is 1.93, which means that the odds of winning are high. The biggest reason to play green/red games is to use a graph site with green/red games so you can be free from manipulation doubts.

Graph game

What is a social graph game?

Graph game? 소셜그래프게임 is the first bitcoin betting game launched in the UK in 2014, and its official name is’original crash game’. From the beginning of 2016, it gradually began to become popular in Korea, and it is still called the’graph game’ that started to spread as a name that is easy to access by Koreans. The way to enjoy the graph game is very simple. It is a game that runs every 5 seconds. When the game starts, the graph starts to go up and cash out before the graph stops. It is a structure to receive the winnings with dividends at the time of out. If you fail to cash out before the graph stops, you will be considered a loser.



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