How to play video poker: a beginners' guide to playing poker slots

Video poker is a very common game for the fixed bet poker game that is based on a five-card draw. And it is played in online casinos or land-based casinos. It is also the same in slot machines in land-based casinos. 

Video poker is sometimes named poker slots. But it is different from slots. The slots have a skill element to video poker. Which includes playing the hand you are dealing with in an ideal manner. That is from the poker hand rankings. 

How to play the game?

The game has a lot of alternatives yet it is based on one poker’s essential kind, the five-card draw. The player has a five-card poker hand. They will be given a chance to keep the cards they want and let go of the ones that they did not like. They will be receiving new cards in return and it will be their final hand. Below are steps to guide you in playing video poker. 

  • You need to deposit credit to the video poker machine
  • Place your bet
  • Press deal to get your first five-card poker hand
  • Let go of the cards that you seem to be not useful 
  • Get a replacement card from the virtual deck 
  • The winnings can be paid out depending on the paytable

What is a video poker pay table?

When you are playing slots before you play video poker real money you need to check the paytable. And the same as in video poker where the chances for different hands can depend from game to game. 

The two main classifications of video poker games when you are talking about prizes. These are the short pay and the full pay. The full pay machines can have an average RTP or Return to Player percentages over 99%. 

Other video poker games even publish an RTP for more than 100%. But the important thing you need to remember is these percentages will depend on the player. By making the best decision on every hand. 

While online video poker, the paytable is easy to locate when you are playing. It can be found in the I section or in the game’s information. 

How to win the game?

Now there are safe ways to win at online poker. There are some ways to give yourself the best chance to win. It can be found in the combination of the two factors. Playing the video poker slots that have the most beneficial RTP percentage. 

The most difficult part is playing at each hand in an ideal manner. But the players in all levels can enhance their chances of gaining prizes on each of the hands. By taking their time to understand how they will enhance based on the rankings. 

The types of video poker

Deuces wild

Video poker has two wilds that mean once they appear they can be a substitute on any card. It is a helping hand to have you a better hand. 

Double bonus

It is based on the Jacks or Better game. You will have the bonus once you provide four aces. 

Jacks or better

It is the most common type of version of the game. It gets its name because of the pair of Jacks or better is the lowest winning hand. 

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