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Is whamos’s girlfriend unhappy with his relationship?

The couple goes viral and garnered various reactions from the online community after announcing their relationship. Some netizens were glad about their relationship but other seems to be unhappy. Some bashers are insulting the physical appearance of Whamos but his girlfriend speak up and defended their relationship.

Who is whamos Cruz?

Whamos Cruz was born on 1st June 1997 in the Philippines. By profession, he is a dancer & Til Tok star of the Philippines. He also has a Youtube Channel. He has more than 10 million followers on his Instagram account.

What did whamos do to Antonette's mother?

Whamos, according to Antonette’s mother, is using material items to manipulate her daughter, and this has harmed their relationship with their mother. He also abruptly left without saying goodbye, according to her, and has yet to return.

Did whamos kiss a girl on her birthday?

But during Whamos’ birthday pool party, she said the vlogger allegedly laid beside her and started hugging her. She allegedly said no, but Whamos pretended to be cold and wanted to be hugged. She also said she woke up because Whamos was kissing her.

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