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What is the climate dashboard?

The dashboard is a visualisation platform composed of drop-down menus, maps, plots and tables whereby users can customise, visualise and export summarised future climate information according to their interest.

What is the Queensland future climate dashboard?

The Queensland Future Climate Dashboard provides high resolution simulations for 30 different metrics grouped in six climate themes: (i) Mean Climate; (ii) Heatwaves; (iii) Extreme Temperature Indices; (iv) Extreme Precipitation Indices; (v) SPI-drought indices; and (vi) SPI-wetness indices.

How does the 2030 Agenda differ from the previous Development Goals?

Compared to the previous development agenda of the Millennium Declaration and the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), the 2030 Agenda is broader in scope, universally applicable, more complex and with bolder targets.

What can we expect from SDG dashboards?

We can expect that SDG dashboards will be at the crux of monitoring and implementation challenges of the 2030 Agenda for at least two reasons. First, countries are expected to adapt SDG targets and indicators to their national contexts1.

Wbc 2030 Dashboard

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