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vsu elearning

What is vsuee and how does it work?

What is VSUEE? VSUEE stands for the Visayas State University E-learning Environment. It houses the virtual classrooms of the university. Once you receive the VSUEE account, you can use that to log-in to the eLearning environment.

How do I contact vsuee support?

Send emails for your VSUEE concern to elearning.support@vsu.edu.ph . Always include your student ID number and your full name when making inquiries, or simple follow-ups. What is the difference between VSUEE and the VSU Student Portal? VSUEE houses virtual classrooms. Lessons and quizzes and exams are posted in this portal.

What is the Center for elearning?

The Center for eLearning’s team of instructional designers and technologists serve as Valdosta State University’s distance learning and teaching professionals.

Who is eligible to get a vsuee account?

All officially enrolled students of Visayas State University are given the VSUEE accounts. All students, regardless of the type of modality, can have the privilege to enter the virtual classrooms of the courses they have enrolled in.

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