Betting is a process where people use their expertise and gambling skills in any particular game to win an amount on the outcome. Methodically, there are various types of betting odds given by the bookies to the gamblers. Let’s discuss some of them.

1.     American odds

The first way of representing the Singapore betting odds is – place minus or positive sign in front of a number. This is the way of giving American odds. When a number got minus sign in front of it, it means there is a minimum amount to be put on the team if you want to win $100. Usually, you will find this number more than 100.

2.     Decimal odds

The second type in which bookmakers represent the Singapore betting odds of any team is decimal odds. This type of odd is very much prevalent in Europe. Here, the odds include a number which has decimal points attached to it.

3.     Fractional odds

When the representation of the odds by the bookmarkers is fractional, it is fractional odds. You can write it as 7/3 or seven to three, whatever you like. The number in the numerator represents the amount to won while the number in the denominator is total bet.

4.     Point spread

There are various types of games over which betting happens. When you see the score in a game, the person who gambles, not only puts his bet on which team is going to win but also on the margin of winning. Such betting is called point spread.

5.     Over-under bets

One more way of offering Singapore betting odds is “over-under”. This type of odd is being offered only when the game has a score to display. Under those circumstances, the person who gamble bets on the total point of both the teams together, irrespective of which team scores more.

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