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utak ng katipunan

Who is the “brain of the Katipunan?

Emilio Jacinto is the “Brain of the Katipunan” because of his writings for the Katipunan, which include the “Mga Aral ng Katipunan ng mga A.N.B.”and the most well-known. “Kartilya of Katipunan”.

Who is Katipunan in Philippine Revolution?

He was one of the highest-ranking officers in the Philippine Revolution and was one of the highest-ranking officers of the revolutionary society Kataas-taasan, Kagalang-galang na Katipunan ng mga Anak ng Bayan, or simply and more popularly called Katipunan, being a member of its Supreme Council.

Who is the author of Kartilya ng Katipunan?

He also edited and wrote for the Katipunan newspaper “Kalayaan”–Freedom in Tagalog. He wrote in the newspaper under the pen name Dimasilaw, and in the Katipunan he was called Pingkian. Emilio Jacinto was the author of the Kartilya ng Katipunan. After Andres Bonifacio’s death, he continued fighting the Spaniards.

Who is Pingkian in Katipunan?

Jacinto, the brain of the Katipunan, was the editor of Kalayaan, the Katipunan newspaper, and the first issue alone attracted thousands of members. He used the alias “Pingkian” in the movement. In Freedom, he also used the alias ” Dimasilaw.”.

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