Be whatever your reason for playing pokeris it gambling or just for fun, this game of cards will surely make you an active player. Live poker can be one of the most interesting casino games. This online poker versionhas already won the love of my players. The topmost variation of poker iscash games, poker tournaments, sit and go, and fast-fold.

Cash Games

The first variation in poker is Cash games. In this variation, players play with a chip that has a monetary value. Each chip has a different monetary value and this has been played since time immemorial. It is further divided into two main divisions -full ringwhich allows at least nine to ten players and Six-Maxthatlimit the table to six players.

Poker Tournament

Many online casino sites held Poker tournaments to attract players and increase their engagement.Players are expected to follow certain rules while playing this. It is like a tournament where players compete with each other in order to win the pot. Many players consider it as a structured way to play online poker under specific rules. The exciting part of the poker tournament is that with each interval, the blind levels increase, making it a tough competition for all the competitors. The game ends only when a player has all the chips and has been declared the winner.

Sit and Go

Sit-and-Go Games is another type of tournament offered by the casino owners to its players. The chief feature of this tournament is that unlike any other tournament, it doesn’t take hours to play the game. The time limit is usually 49 to 60 minutes. So, if you want to play a tournament but not willing to spend hours on it, this can be a good option. This live pokeris played with 6 to 10 registered players. The game begins only when all the seats are fulfilled. To be a winner, you have to follow the most used poker trick, which is to bet big in the big pairs.

Fast fold poker

In Fast-Fold Poker players are given separate tables; they are allowed to fold the cards whenever they want to. As soon as the cards are folded, the player is shifted to another table. In the next table, a new set of cards are waiting for him to be folded.Planets who are bored with the monotonous card folding can now skip it and enter a more interestingand entertaining part of it.Therefore, it can be said that Fast-Fold Poker is like cash games but also has the features of a tournament.

Win poker and enjoy the game

You can now choose your version of poker and enjoy the game. Many people say that online poker is a game of luck but that isn’t true. It is purely based on your skill. Though luck matters in some cases but one can win poker even if they don’t have the best cards. Some of the best poker players win the matches not because they are lucky but because they use their mathematical

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