We recommend these casinos and this criterion because with such low stakes you can apply your strategies to real money without having to spend large sums of money. It is also true that betting so little is also difficult to win a lot, but betting little is perfect for testing your playing methods with real money instead of with demos that many do not trust and think that the software is calibrated differently than the real ones.

High betting limits

Another criterion that we recommend, in addition to low limits, is also that of high limits. For two main reasons: the first for those who play the doubling method without their knowledge, the higher the limit and the more difficult it is to be “screwed” by the countermeasures that casinos adopt for this strategy, we recommend reading the page on the method of doubling. 

Doubling the second reason refers to those who have high budgets to play and are sensitive to large sums of money and those who like to risk a lot with simple chances, having a roulette with high betting limits allows you to play really strong, which we recommend only for those with really high budgets. In 918kiss apk you can play the same here.

  • Although the rules of roulette are quite simple and immediate, it is important to understand them thoroughly and above all to know in detail the bets and payouts associated with them.

In this article we propose to illustrate the general notions on roulette for those who do not know them, and to summarize all the types of bets and the related payments so that even the most experienced have a summary summary of bets, payments and probability of win.

How roulette works

Let’s start with a very informal definition, useful for immediately understanding how the game works: a ball is thrown inside a wheel that spins in the opposite direction and then falls inside one of the 37 boxes on the wheel. The object of the game is to guess which square the ball will land in.

Now let’s see in detail how roulette is made

Roulette consists of a mechanical system basically composed of a cylinder that rotates on ball bearings inside a cavity with minimal friction. On the upper face of this cylinder there are 37 boxes of the same shape, size and surface, corresponding to the numbers from 0 to 36, housings designed to contain the ball. The numbers are not arranged sequentially from 0 to 36, but are distributed in a predetermined sparse order, not as messy as some might think.


The cylinder rotates inside a depression into which the ball is thrown in the opposite direction with respect to the direction of rotation of the cylinder itself; the ball, rotating on this inclined plane, loses speed until it begins to lose height until it collides with the lozenges and falls into one of the numbered boxes. The purpose of the lozenges, which are diamonds present on the inclined plane, is to make the square where the ball will stop completely random and unpredictable.

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