Are the rules of 百家樂 scaring you away? Well, you shouldn’t, as they are more straightforward than they seem.

Popularly, 百家樂 also goes by the name of Punto Banco. Being the oldest among all the casino games, it is also one of the most loved games globally. It is a type of casino game that is equally popular among the high rollers and those who cannot afford to bet large amounts of money. Most of the casinos and resorts that offer casino games try to lure wealthy customers into spending a large sum betting on 百家樂

The earliest versions of 百家樂 were rumored to be made of complex rules and significantly higher stakes. Due to this, people often avoided engaging their money in it to not lose to high stakes or a lack of understanding. However, the modern version of this game sheds all these complex rules and stakes. The modern 百家樂 is a highly simplified version of its predecessor. So, even if you are a beginner or do not have a flexible budget, you can play and also win the game. 

What makes this game so easy and popular among people?

The game of 百家樂 has a comparatively lower house edge, making it one prevalent among the crowd. And when it comes to the rules of playing the game, they too are pretty easy to understand and implement. All that a player needs to do is bet on any one of the three available betting options. If you wish to play 百家樂 at an offline casino, you will have to join one of the three available tables:

  • Big Table- These are unique tables reserved for the wealthy clients of the casino. They are primarily situated in a particular casino area to give an elite atmosphere to the guests. These tables have higher limits, as compared to the tables for average people. It is mainly due to the fewer number of players on these types of tables. There can be a maximum of 14 players on a single table, among which all of them can bet. Although they can bet on either the banker or the player, they mostly go for the banker.
  • Mini Table- The main difference between a big 百家樂 and a mini 百家樂 is that players can choose between being a player and a banker in the former one. Whereas in the case of a mini 百家樂, the dealer is always the banker, and the players are not allowed to touch the cards. It is also quite popular among the average people as it has low limits. 
  • Midi Table- This game variation is suitable for both wealthy players and mass players. The table size is comparatively more significant and is found mainly in rooms with high limits. 

Do’s and Don’ts in the popular card game of 百家樂:

There are several mistakes which a beginner tends to make when playing 百家樂 for the very first time. We tried our best to include all the common ones in our article. But if any of them is missing, you’ll find it on our website.

Rules of 百家樂:

One of the most basic mistakes novices make is related to the rules of this card game. As it is quite obvious that not every rule can be learned by heart, players often get confused and commit rule-breaking or rule-bending. If you’re a new player, you are supposed to go through the entire guide or manual before starting to play. But this is something none of us probably do. 

All we do is go through the first few paragraphs of the manual, and then call it quits. This is where we commit our first mistake. You should always read and understand each and every line of the guide book, before entering the game arena. And thus, this is what results in you losing your money. 百家樂 is a fairly easy game to play, with just some basic rules and regulations. So, learning all of them won’t be any tricky job, once you set your heart to it. 

Online 百家樂:

At the beginning, it is quite common to be afraid of doing something new. The same is the case with online casino games, specifically 百家樂. People are so familiar with the offline version of this game, that they don’t trust its online counterpart. They think their luck won’t work as much as it works in the real casinos. It is due to a common belief that online casinos are not trustworthy, and they are designed in a way that makes players lose their money. However, this isn’t the case at all. Online casinos are comparatively more trustworthy than offline ones, as they are randomized, whereas offline casinos are not. 

Comparing it with other card games:

One of the biggest mistakes players commit while playing 百家樂 is that they compare it with other card games. This is wrong in several manners, as every card game is different than the other one. Also, using the same strategy in every card game is utter foolishness. For example, people often use the tricks of Blackjack while playing 百家樂. They count the cards while playing 百家樂. Counting the cards is a good trick in Blackjack, but not in 百家樂

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