In the event of a winning streak, the amount of your bets will gradually increase. Whereas in the event of a losing series the amount of your bets will decrease progressively. In the best toto site you can now have the best support from the perfect sites.

Example: By betting 5% of € 100 on odds at at 2, in case of a winning series you will have:

– 1st stake € 5 – bankroll amount € 105

– 2nd stake 5.25 € – amount of bankroll 110.25 €

– 3rd bet 5.5 € – amount of bankroll 115.75 €

– 4th stake 5.78 € – bankroll amount 121.53

The main problem with fixed proportional bets is that all the opportunities are different. Certain situations are obvious and it would be regrettable not to take advantage of it by readjusting your bets. In sport trading, it is possible to cut losses, this allows more flexibility on the actual amount of bets played.

Proportional stake based on odds

It is also possible to establish a scale. The latter determines the risk from the probabilities. For odds between A and B you bet X% of your bankroll, while for odds between C and D you bet Y% of your bankroll.

With this system, you will allocate a larger bet amount for odds with a high probability of being realized and decrease the amount of your bets on higher odds. In other words, higher bets are placed on low odds, and lower bets on high odds.

A totally arbitrary example

For the ratings:

less than at 1.2 you are ready to risk 10% of your capital.

  • from at 1.2 to at 1.5 – 5%
  • from at 1.5 to at 2 – 2%
  • greater than at 2 – 1%

It is an attractive model for bettors, but it does not adapt well to the reality of football trading opportunities.

Other Strategies for Sport Trading

In this part, I will discuss famous but more advanced betting techniques for bettors and sports traders.

Kelly Criterion’s Criterion

Kelly’s criterion is based on a mathematical formula, call Kelly’s formula. It calculates the proportion of your own funds to bet so as to optimize your bets as much as possible in the event of a positive result.

Kelly’s formula is expressed as follows:

Manage your Stakes Kelly Criterion Formula

With Kelly’s formula you have to estimate / calculate the probability of an event yourself.

France’s victory at at 1.55 represents a 64% probability. However after analysis you personally judge that this probability is 66% or a rating of at 1.5.

In this case the application of Kelly’s formula gives us:

(0.55 x 66%) / 0.55 = (- 1.16)

Be a proposal to bet 1.16% of your Bankroll on the victory of France. The Kelly system has the advantage of ensuring that the entire bank is never lost in one bet. However, the amounts suggested by Kelly’s formula will sometimes exceed your maximum limits by 2.5 or 10% per bet.

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