Today we are going to tell you how a bad run of lost hands can influence your game. It is difficult to be able to endure psychologically, certain bad pasts that luck or that mistakes made by us. They often have bad plays when it comes to losing concentration, analytical ability, or security when it comes to having to call or 3bet or 4bet to our adversary for fear of continuing to lose.

In Texas Holdem poker, having our critical capacity unscathed is essential, as it is a game where the decisions we make translate into winning more or less money. Any deliberate or under-studied act can change the sign of the game.

Therefore, knowing how to manage this type of play well is very important so as not to glare our bank in the blink of an eye. To do this, two very different things can be done:

  • Reduce the number of sessions we have open, to better focus on a limited number of tables. In this way, we can improve our analytical capacity, having more time to study each game situation in detail, increasing our chances of victory in them. In addition, another decisive factor in doing this is that if we manage to chain good plays, our confidence can be restored both at present (to open more tables) and in the future, to face situations of loss of trust with valid resources with those who retrieve it.
  • Close all open sessions. This is perhaps one of the best ways to eliminate the root problem.

Be that as it may, the best way to try to break a negative way of thinking is through direct action that puts an end to it. That the fear or desire to recover the lost investment does not blind us when playing Texas Holdem poker. Check out the poker news here.

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