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What is the meaning of Tatsulok?

" Tatsulok " ( Filipino word literally translated to Triangle; paraphrased as Pyramid) is a Filipino folk song originally composed by Rom Dongeto in 1989 and performed in 1991 by his trio folk-rock band, called "Buklod", which includes Noel Cabangon and Rene Boncocan.

What is the connection of Tatsulok inupuan?

Connection Of Tatsulok inUpuan by Gloc9 “Tatsulok” is a Filipino song sang by Bamboo. This song sum up the reality of the Philippines. The tatsulok is a stucture of a society wherein people at the top enjoy the power and influence they have while people at the bottom suffer from the outcome of bad decisions and doings that people at the top made.

Who is the original singer of Tatsulok?

The song was originally written by Rom Dongeto in 1989 and was performed in 1991 by his folk-rock band “Buklod”. The song was then rereleased and was popularized in the year 2007 by the band, Bamboo as they had their third album “We Stand Alone Together.” Tatsulokwas written in the midst of Martial law in the Philippines.

What does Habang May Tatsulok at Sila mean?

” It simply means that it has been the elites who has been ruling the Philippines for a long time and that is why changes for the mass never occurred because the change is only for the elites. In the end of the song, Bamboo stated; “ Habang may tatsulok at sila ang nasa tuktok, Hindi matatapos itong gulo.”

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