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tampo in english

What is tampo in the Philippines?

The most direct translation we could have of “Tampo” would be “Sulking”. However, sulking is a word that doesn’t exactly describe “tampo”. The use of the word “tampo” in Filipino culture is synonymous isn’t described as heavy as sulking. Often times, tampo is associated with very mild anger.

What does it mean when a girl has a tampo?

Sometimes, tampo’s are just a way to get someones attention. You could also say that if a person is having “ tampo “, they are giving the “silent treatment”.

What is tampo time?

Tampo is, essentially, sulking or pouting, but with a unique Filipino twist: It starts suddenly and for often no apparent reason. For someone with two American ex-wives, I know the difference. There is no Western equivalent. Tampo time is usually silent. Things get very quiet all of a sudden. Brows scrunch up.

What is the meaning of tatampo?

Often times, tampo is associated with very mild anger. In conversations, a person’s girlfriend might say “ nag tatampo pa ako sa’yo “. This could be translated as the girl being “cold or silent” because of something you did.

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