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spouse in tagalog

How do you say spouse in Filipino?

The word “spouse” can be directly translated as “asawa” in Filipino. Ang asawa ay tumutukoy sa kabiyak ng buhay o kabiyak ng dibdib. Dagdag pa rito, ito ay ang lalaki o babaeng ikinasal at mag asawa ang tawag sa dalawang taong naging isa gamit ang banal na sakramento.

What is the Japanese word for spouse?

Spouse can be translated as “asawa”. This word fits for both husband or wife. As such, this is a word that can be considered as genderless. Meanwhile, you could also use the word “kabiyak” which means, spouse, husband, wife, or a “part of two pieces”.

What is the meaning of spouse in English?

When we say spouse in English means a married person, a husband or wife. Meanwhile, ang asawa ay tumutukoy sa kabiyak ng buhay o kabiyak ng dibdib. There are a couple of words that could translate into Spouse.

What is the legal definition of a deceased spouse?

(law) A spouse that outlives the person to whom they are married, thereby obtaining legal rights with respect to the property of the deceased spouse. The practice is thought to purify the surviving spouse of the “spirit” of the dead mate.

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