As online betting takes it storm in the cyberspace, many people are baffled of how it works. Some people think it can be tricked by the operators because they do not know the betting and programming mechanics behind it. Yes, it is possible but only to illegal sites and for that reason it is a necessity to play in trusted webpages. Online casino is just the same with its mortar-and-brick counterpart. The difference is that online betting can be done anywhere, and social interaction is not a major requirement. The things that are only needed are banking cards, electronic gaming devices, and of course, the player’s betting skill and knowledge to increase the chances of winning.

There are a lot of games a player could choose from a betting site and these games are categorized as chance-based and skill-based gambling. Chance-based refers to games whose outcomes are unpredictable whereas skill-based refers to games that requires the player’s ability to make sound judgement in beating the odds. A skill-based gaming is not guaranteed a  “sure bet”. So, there is still a possibility of losing since the house is always favored. 

To spice up the betting arena, some game operators have fused sports and betting which  is different from the programmed games run by random number generator (RNG) because it happens live. Its mechanics is not as complex because the bettor will only cast its money either on the 2 playing teams  in which the outcome is influenced by their performances. To play better, you need to understand the odds measurement which are shown as moneyline, decimal odds, and fractional odds.

  • Moneyline (US)

It is expressed in positive number for the favorite team and negative for the underdog with a $100 as an even money bet. E.g.,

Favorite Team: A -125 odds  means that the stake must be $125 to return $100 winnings including the initial stake of $125 garnering an overall winnings of $225.

Underdog: A +125 odds means that it  can return a total winnings of  $225 for a $100 bet.

  • Decimal Odds (Canada, Europe, Australia)

It shows the total payout in positive decimal format including the original stake per unit winning bet. For example, a winning bet of 2.75 could return $2.75 for every $1 staked meaning a $100 stake for a winning bet of 2.75 can return a total winning of $275. 

  • Fractional Odds (UK)

The total payout can be solved using the equation below. 

Total Payout = [Stake x Fractional Odd] + Stake

For example, the stake is $100 with a fractional odd of 5/4. The total winnings would be $225.

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