Casino slot games are one of the most popular games of chance in an online casino, and not only. Before so many online casinos appeared, you would go to the neighborhood gaming hall or a physical casino and play slots. It was pretty simple: you bet and turn the lever. A kind of automatic game. But as gambling technology has developed, online slot games have become much more interesting and, above all, profitable. Where else can you get a bonus without depositing slots? And with many bonuses and casino offers, more gaming features have appeared. The games menu has diversified.

If you don’t feel like always choosing the value of a bet and spinning the reels, now simply choose autoplay. Stay calm and let the game take its course. However, you know that if you win, the money will still end up in your casino account. The same happens if you play with the money from a welcome bonus: you play free slots and win real money. Let’s see what other features await you at a slot game and how to use them to your advantage.

What are paylines and how do you make winning combinations

Payment lines come in different shapes and sizes. You will see that they appear vertically, horizontally, diagonally, in a zig zag or simply follow a special pattern. You will find in the slot games menu how many paylines the online game has and how they appear. Rather, in what combinations they appear on the game screen. Generally you will encounter casino games that have from 9 paylines upwards. Let’s take as an example an online bandar slot game with 25 paylines. This means that with each spin of the reels you have 25 chances to win. Whatever payline you hit, you’ll win.

How to use the autoplay function at online slots and what benefits it offers you

Nowadays, almost all slot games have the autoplay function included. If you choose to activate it, the reels in the slot game will spin automatically, and you will only see if and how much you have won. The automatic play button is, on most casino slots, on the right side of the game screen. What benefits does the autoplay function bring you?

In order to make the most of this feature, you will first need to select how you want it to work. There are some similar game options that you can find at several online slots. First you need to decide how many spins you want to be played automatically. You do this before you start the game and click on autoplay. So pay attention to your budget. Second, you can select the auto-play feature to stop if you have won a certain amount or if you have lost a certain amount. This is one of the great benefits of the automatic casino slot feature.






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