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What is “ sitaw”?

What is “sitaw”? Sitaw is the Tagalog term for beans that come from bush and climber plants. It is usually added as an ingredient to food. What is “sitaw” in English?

Is sitaw a legume or bean?

Sitaw (Sitaw in English is string beans), is one of the most widely grown vegetables in the Philippines. It is a true legume and botanically more closely related to cowpea. The tender pods are edible while the skin is still smooth and before seeds mature or expand.

What is adobong sitaw?

This dish is quick and easy to cook and a very nutritious Filipino vegetable dish. Cooking Adobong Sitaw is very similar to pork or chicken adobo but instead of using only pork or chicken as the main ingredient we use string beans with a few slices of pork.

What does sitaw plant look like?

Sitaw is an herbaceous climbing plant grown for it strikingly long edible pods. Leaves are trifoliate, green, oval and smooth-edged. Flowers are purplish, about 1.5 centimeters long, giving out green and slender yardlong pods.

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