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Many people love betting mainly for its entertaining nature. But apart from being an excellent way to spend your leisure time, people also love that they can win some cash through betting. Countless people have proven that you can bag massive amounts of money through live or online betting Malaysia. Some even created a career out of gambling due to this reason.

But before you think of earning money through betting, you must first understand the different betting types you can find in sportsbook Malaysia. This will help you understand betting even further, allowing you to gain money as you go. 

One of the most popular betting types is exotic betting. This betting strategy is more commonly used in horse racing. Exotic betting allows bettors to get creative in placing bets on particular and often complex outcomes of an event. While the payout for this betting strategy is high, it is only typically used by professionals as it can be a bit complicated.

There are two types of exotic betting, and those are horizontal and vertical. The horizontal exotic bet is multi-race parlays enabling bettors to be on horses they predict will finish first in two to six races. Bettors who use this betting type will win once all of their selected horses top the race. Otherwise, if one horse fails to win, the entire wager loses. 

On the other hand, a vertical exotic bet refers to multi-horse parlays for one race. For this exotic betting type, the gambler must correctly identify the finishing order of horses to win. There are three vertical exotic bet types: exacta, trifecta, and superfecta. Each kind has different premises. 

Knowing the betting types can put you in an advantageous position, especially if you aim to win money. And if you want to know more about exotic horse bets, you may continue reading this infographic by CM2BET.

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