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sinecod forte

What is the active ingredient in sinecod Forte?

Active Ingredient- Butamirate Citrate. Butamirate Citrate or Sinecod Forte is a valuable cough suppressant and is commonly available over the counter in syrup form. The active ingredient Butamirate Citrate is an effectual cough suppressant and works by lessening the airway resistance.

How long does it take for sinecod Forte to work?

Butamirate Citrate (Sinecod® Forte) is the Most Prescribed Antitussive Brand by Filipino Pulmonologists. It starts to work in 30 minutes and provides long lasting relief from dry cough for up to 6 hours. Quiz: Are you letting dry cough get in your way?

What is sinecod Forte citrate used for?

Sinecod forte Citrate belongs to the anti-cough medicines of central action. It exerts expectorant, moderate bronchodilating and anti-inflammatory action. Sinecod forte Citrate also increases the spirometery indexes and blood oxygenation.

Is it safe to take sinecod Forte during pregnancy?

Sinecod Forte contains Butamirate Citrate, which is strictly prohibited during pregnancy. There are many other cough medicines available which can be safely taken during pregnancy. Your doctor will prescribe a suitable alternative.

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