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senju tokyo revengers

Who is Senju?

Image Gallery Senju Kawaragi (瓦城 (かわらぎ) 千咒 (せんじゅ) ,, Kawaragi Senju?) is the leader of the delinquent gang Brahman, formed two years after the Tokyo Manji Gang's disbandment and Tokyo's Sengoku Period. 1 Appearance 2 Personality 3 History 4 Plot 5 Skills 5.1 Authority 5.2 Fighting Prowess 5.3...

Who is Senju Kawaragi?

Senju Kawaragi (瓦城 (かわらぎ) 千咒 (せんじゅ) ,, Kawaragi Senju? ) is the leader of the delinquent gang Brahman , formed two years after the Tokyo Manji Gang 's disbandment and Tokyo's Sengoku Period .

What happened in Senju Kawaragi vs South Terano?

Senju Kawaragi vs. South Terano is a battle between Brahman President Senju Kawaragi and Rokuhara Tandai Representative South Terano . During the conflict against South, Benkei and Waka are defeated after South shows his monstrous side. Senju interferes by calling South's attention, apologizing to Waka for interfering in the fight.

Is Senju in the Kanto Manji gang?

For this reason, he is currently a member of the Kanto Manji Gang . Senju deeply trusts Takeomi, at least before he was once again blinded by the absolute power and authority he was granted with in Brahman.

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