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What is a Santelmo in the Philippines?

Wikipedia says, the Santelmo ( St. Elmo’s Fire) is a creature of Philippine mythology. The term santelmo is the shortened form of the Tagalog words “Apoy ni San Elmo ” ( St. Elmo’s Fire). St. Elmo’s Fire has long served as an omen of heavenly intervention to sailors.

Are Santelmo the souls of the men they manifest?

These have been rumored to be the souls of the men who lie at the spots where they manifest, but Alexander Trese notes that the Santelmo they have interacted with are true fire elementals. In the 1950's, a broken-hearted Santelmo started a fire for three days and three nights in Binondo that would come to be known as the Great Binondo Fire.

What is Santelmo in creature of Midnight?

In the Creature of Midnight,Dr. Maximo Ramosstates, “Tagalogs, Visayans, and other Filipinos call it Santelmo.   It is a ball of fire in fields and swamps.   It bounces along and rolls away.   It changes into a beast with fire in its mouth.

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