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sana all

What is Sana all-what is it?

it means " i hope all" like u wish u had the same thing, but sometimes u dont actually want to experience or have that and you're just bored Sana All - what is it? Commonly used by Filipinos when they are jealous or they admired some things that others have that they don't. It's closely to, " Hope all" Sana all may jowa.

Is your “Sana all” just temporary?

So before saying, SANA ALL, sana ready ka na, sana you can prove that you are deserving, you are worthy of your “sana all”. And by the time your “sana all” becomes a reality, it will not be just temporary, it will last.

What is Sana all Kahulugan?

(Sana all Kahulugan) Ang sana all ay isang ekspresyon ng mga Pilipino na nangangahulugang gusto din ng isang tao ang kung ano ang meron sa iba. Dagdag pa rito, dahil sa may malawak na imahinasyon ang mga Pilipino pinpalitan nila ang sana all ng sana oil.

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