A lottery drawn from Monday to Saturday that started last November 20,2005 to replace the old Hot Five 5/35 is the Washington DC Rolling Cash 5. The Washington DC Rolling Cash 5 started with the jackpot of $20,000 each draw which increases every draw and may reach up to $185,000 or more if no one wins the jackpot. The jackpot prize of $20,000 is in a way much lower of any other lottery but this doesn’t mean that anyone who wins the lottery is not a winner. Winning the $20,000 is still like winning the jackpot of any other lottery.

Like all the other lottery, your stake on winning the DC Rolling Cash 5 jackpot starts by choosing your set of numbers that will bring you to winning the lottery. You have to pick five numbers from the pool of numbers from 1 to 35 and fill out the play slip. Be sure to double check your number combination in your play slip because when the lottery ticket has already been printed you cannot cancel it anymore. The lottery ticket costs $1 which can play up to 42 games or draws in advance.

You’ll not be able to win the lottery jackpot if you do not have a powerful set of numbers. Every lottery number is drawn randomly each drawing date. It is just the same as how you pick your set of numbers, randomly. The randomly drawn numbers later on forms a trend or pattern that can be tracked or learned. By tracking and learning that pattern you can use it as an edge over the other player in winning the lottery jackpot. There are many ways of choosing and tracking the pattern. One of those is by using the odd and even numbers. You must not pick only odd or only even numbers this will give you lower chances of winning. Try to mix it up by using the 3/2 and 2/3 ratio between the odd and even numbers. This may also be your ratio in choosing high and low numbers. Avoid selecting only low and only high numbers. Try to cover all the range of numbers by separating your numbers into two groups like 1 to 17 low group and 18-35 the high group and by using the 3/2, 2/3 ratio to increase the chances of your number in coming out during draws. Mix up your numbers using this pattern.

If this trend isn’t enough for you, you might try playing the game balance. Playing the game balance means picking up five numbers from 1-35then get the sum of the numbers. The sum should fall in the range of 64 to 106 because 70% of the time the number combination whose sum falls into this range wins the jackpot.

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