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puyat in english

What is the meaning of the Tagalog word Puyat?

Definition for the Tagalog word puyat: puyát. [adjective] sleep-deprived; sleepless; lacking sleep; exhausted from lack of sleep. Root: puyat. Frequent.

What is the difference between Puyat and mapagpuyat?

For example, the word “ magpuyat ” means to stay awake all night. Meanwhile, “ mapagpuyat ” describes a person who is prone to staying up late. Also, the word “ puyatin ” is used as a verb and is used when we want to keep someone up late at night. Puyat ako pag gising sa umaga dahil madaling araw ko na natapos yung project ko.

Where is Gil Puyat station in Makati?

The station was located at the corner of Gil Puyat Avenue (formerly named Buendia Avenue) and the South Luzon Expressway in Makati. Ang puyat ay nakapapagod at nakababawas sa iyong kakayahan na harapin ang kaigtingan.

Was Gil Puyat’s soul Sleepless from grief?

Malamang na ang ‘kaniyang kaluluwa ay puyat dahil sa pamimighati’ sa gayong mga kalagayan. Very likely, ‘his soul was sleepless from grief’ because of such circumstances. Ang mismong abenida ay ipinangalan mula sa yumaong senador at estadista na si Gil Puyat .

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