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What is putangina?

Literally means "Your mother is a whore". From the Spanish word " puta ". Used in the same manner as "fuck", "fuck you" or "son of a bitch" in English. Related: puta, putangina, tangina, puta ka, pukingina mo.

What does putang ina mean?

A person saying when he/she love someone Get a Putang ina mug for your boyfriend James. Putangina or Putangina mo is a Filipino Slang word you use if you want to confess to a filipino, Putangina/ Putangina mo translates to I love you in English.

What does putanginamo mean?

A Word that means Fuck You In Tagalog . Unless if you separate the Word Into Putang Ina Mo ,It'll mean that you're A Son of A Bitch OR That your mom's a Bitch,Slut,Or Hoe. Putanginamo ! What? Putanginamo!

What is putang ina mo?

PUTANG INA MO - what is it? is a Filipino version of "son of a bitch!" ( anak ng puta !) but only said in a reversed manner. " Putang ina mo !" in tagalog literally means, "your mom's a bitch!".

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