The casino gets its benefit practically always. This truth is known to everybody. Many people know this from their own experience. But nevertheless a set of people constantly come to the casino to play and voluntary leave their money!

It should be pleasant and comfortable for a client in the casino. He gets free-of-charge drinks and snacks due to the casino. He sits in comfortable armchairs and listens to pleasant music. Nothing disturbs him. There are not clocks in the casino, as a rule. Therefore it is rather difficult to define the time.

But everywhere there is a lot of day sunlight. Bright light confuses players. These are psychological tricks. The purpose of them is to disorient the person’s sense.

The effect of “almost a prize” forces the player to overestimate the chances of victory.
Players overestimate their ability to keep the control over the situation. They think that they are precisely able to stop when it is necessary.

Such human self-confidence is familiar to everyone and similar to the statement of the category “I can stop smoking when I want”. What for should I stop, when the red has already dropped out 5 times successively (at the rate on black)? Especially if you have spent all the money to make the following “certainly advantageous” rate!

Almost in all casinos draws of automobiles are carried out! The person takes out judgments about events and world around not only from the rational facts – the emotional component, images and impressions influence the perception very much.

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