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What is Piso WiFi?

What is Piso Wifi? It is a Wi-Fi enabled system which gives you an instant Wi-Fi hotspot for as low as Php 1 only. It’s compatible with the following devices: Mobile phones; Tablets; Laptops; Any device with wifi; Piso Wifi Features No Username and Password Needed. It does not require for the users to log in using a username and password.

How do I login to pisowifi?

To login to PisoWifi you need to follow the following steps. First of all find for the nearest vending machine and search for Wifi SSID. Next step would be to connect to the AdoPisoWifi (the leading software that operates the Piso Wifi machines). In the AdoPisaWifi enter SSID key as “adopisowifi”. The moment you connect it will provide you ...

How can I Check my payment history on Piso WiFi?

If you want to check on the payment history, Piso Wifi has a feature to summarize your income which is a great way of checking your history. The Piso Wifi system is compatible with whichever access point wi-fi extenders on their areas.

How to pause time on Piso WiFi?

But you must be wondering as how you can be able to pause time on Piso Wifi? Here is how you can go with it. By going to the address you can you can easily pause or play your internet connection. This option of pausing your Wifi time can become an asset given you don’t like your money going down the drain.

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