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What is an example of Payak in the Philippines?

buhay. piling. ligaya. * Even though dibdib looks repeated (inuulit), there is no such Filipino word as “dib” so dibdib really is the root of this word. Other examples of words that look inuulit but are really payak: alaala. baybay. daldal. musmos.

What are the English words for Payak?

English words for payak include plain, simple, stark, ingenuous, unmixed, unpretending, severe, not compounded, pure and real. Find more Filipino words at wordhippo.com!

Where can I get a Payak toque?

The first 75 first-time Payak registrants receive a toque. Click here to see if you are one of those registrants. You can pick these up at Coast Outdoors on Lynn Avenue in North Vancouver as well.

What is ployrampa and Pakin's story?

Ployrampa, a noble woman falls in love with Pakin, a young man destined to have a hidden spirit in his body. Once he's 25 years-old, he will be half-human, half-tiger. As a deadly beast, he's chased by hunters, especially the villainous village headman Kongdate who wants the magic in his body.

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