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What is the origin of the patadyong?

The patadyong (pronounced pa-tad-jóng, also called patadyung, patadjong, habol, or habul ), is an indigenous Philippine rectangular or tube-like wraparound skirt worn by both men and women of the Visayas islands and the Sulu Archipelago, similar to the Malong, or Sarong. It was also historically worn in parts of Luzon like Pampanga and Sorsogon.

What is patadyong or malong?

Patadyong as the Bugasongnons call it is a type of textile made from cottons, abaca, and even polyester. It is quite similar to the malong of the Muslims, the difference being in its signature plaid or checkered patterns. It is often used by ladies as skirts, baby hammocks, and even portable bathrooms and changing rooms during olden days.

What is the use of patadyong?

The patadyong can be utilized as a curtain and a decorative piece to hang on the wall or from the ceiling, or it can be used a table cover. In the rural areas, it is also being used to handle newly harvested palay (rice grain) and fresh fruits and vegetables.

What is patadyong and Kimona?

Patadyong is the colorful, patterned skirt produced by the old (but hopefully not dying) weaving industry in Iloilo, particularly Miagao. Kimona is the see-through top made of pineapple fiber.

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