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paraluman meaning

How do you translate Paraluman in English?

However, the word “Paraluman” can be translated as “Muse” in English. In Fact, during the early 19th century, the word has become a favorite for Filipino poets. Additionally, the archaic Tagalog word for “magnetic needle” is also Paraluman.

What is the meaning of Paraluman in English (Muse)?

What is the Meaning of Paraluman In English (Muse) A paraluman is a “goddess,” in the sense of being a very beautiful woman. Muse means a woman who inspires you artistically.

What is the meaning of the word'Paraluman'?

But while it is true that "paraluman" refers to an inspiring muse, the older meaning of the word refers to a compass. The idea of a beautiful woman as a guiding star to one's endeavors: Now that's an idea worth keeping alive.

Who is Paraluman?

Paraluman was born in Tayabas to Lothar von Giese, and Tecla de Torres, who was herself from Tayabas. Educated at Assumption College, the young Paraluman herself was an avid movie fan.

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