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What is Okir or okil?

Did you actually mean okra or ochre? Okir or okil is the term for geometric and flowing plant-based designs and folk motifs that can be usually found among the Moro and Lumad peoples of the Southern Philippines, as well as parts of Sabah.

What is okir motif?

Okir is a design or pattern often rendered or curved in hardwood, brass, silver and wall painting in curvilinear lines and Arabic geometric figures. The Okir Motif is an art depicting the indigenious originality and skill of the Maranaos.

What is okir in Maranao?

THE OKIR (MOTIF): AN ART OF MARANAO DEPICTING THEIR CULTURE AND SOCIETY The Okir (motif) is an exclusive artistic cultural heritage of the Maranaos of Lanao, Philippines. It is as an artistic design of the Maranao native inhabitants of southern Philippines beginning from the early 6th Century C.E. before the Islamization of the area.

What is the origin of okir design?

These precursor forms of the okir designs can still be found in the art traditions of the Maranao in the basak (lowland) regions of Lake Lanao, and they contrast markedly from the later flowing okir designs. The rectilinear designs of the Sama were adopted and refined by the Maranao to decorate the torogan houses of the ruling dato class.

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