In another article we discussed the power of “lumpy” mail. Lumpy Mail is a part of what I like to call Mystery Marketing. This type of marketing is based on drawing your clients and prospects in through curiosity and fun. Lumpy Mail uses this power quite simply by recipients wondering what the “lump” is in the envelope.

This article will examine marketing simply called “Conceal & Reveal”. Most people at first glance would consider them lottery tickets, the same drive that encourages people to buy lottery tickets drives the need to open conceal and reveal type marketing pieces. Conceal and reveal pieces are great ways to both educate and entertain at the same time. They come in a variety of styles: scratch-off, pull-tab, prize scan, black light, water dip and heat-activated. Each has its specific use based on the degree of award, intended draw and security. For our purpose we will concentrate on the two most popular – scratch-off (lottery) and pull-tab (bingo).

Pull-tab or bingo cards are best used in hand off situations like trade shows and/or employee incentive programs. This is mainly due to the need to have the tabs pulled for revelation and the sound of the tabs being opened helps create additional excitement with others in attendance. With pull tab cards you can ask a single or multiple questions based on your company or products with either the correct answer being revealed from each tab or a single question where a selection of answers is available and only one is correct.

Scratch-off cards provide a number of possibilities, from hand outs to direct mail use in the form of postcards. Postcards with scratch-off areas can be used to entice prospects and customers to your booth to reveal their cards in the presence of booth personnel who can then ask questions on their interests and hand them off to the proper contact at the booth. As with pull-tab cards these can be a great way to educate through a selection of choices.

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