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What is the MPC live?

The new MPC Live makes the process of performing your studio inventions on stage incredibly seamless by combining the power of a production centerpiece with the portability and rugged design of an on stage workhorse.

What is the wpc2027 live application?

WPC2027.LIVE shall refer to the application installed in the Mobile Device whereby the Client may access and/or use WPC2027.LIVE via the Mobile Device.

What makes the MPC2 so special?

From the advanced multi-engine plugin synthesis of Hype to a faithful plugin emulation of the legendary Mellotron Tape Synth keyboard, MPC2 delivers a wide palette of sonic textures with its MPC plugin instruments for powerful music composition.

What's new in the Akai MPC live?

Your creative flow now knows no borders and bounds. Powering Live is MPC 2.0, Akai Professional’s new update to the MPC software. Capable of running natively on the MPC Live in standalone mode, MPC 2.0 can also be run from a Mac or PC in controller-mode..

Mpc 2027 Live

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