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maria makiling

What is the meaning of Maria Makiling?

Maria Makiling. Maria Makiling, in Philippine mythology, is a diwata (anito) or lambana (fairy) associated with Mount Makiling in Laguna, Philippines.

Where does Maria Makiling live?

According to tradition she lives in a small hut sometimes situated in a village while other traditions say her hut is on the mountain and can only ever be found if she allows it. Maria Makiling stories were part of the Philippines oral tradition long before they were written down.

What is Maria Makiling the god of?

Maria Makiling is a character in Philippine mythology who is said to be a diwata (equivalent of a fairy or goddess). She inhabits Mount Makiling in Laguna province, and protects the animals and plants of the mountain from those who would harm or defile it.

What are the characteristics of Maria Makiling?

Maria Makiling is a tall graceful young woman with fair complexion. She has long and thick dark hair. She also has black- colored eyes and small delicate feet. According to Jose Rizal’s writing, “she was a fairy-like creature born under moonbeams of the Philippines.”. Part of Maria’s mythical eminence is her ability to never age.

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