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What is a Sabong manok?

A “sabong manok” is a cockfighting chicken. “Sabong” means cockfight, and “manok” is the Tagalog word for “chicken.” Contextually, of course, it really means rooster or cock, as only males of the various gamefowl species participate in cockfighting.

What is E-Sabong?

Ironically, illegal online sabong is where the e-Sabong name actually originated. The term is so popular and pervasive in the Philippines sabong community and on sabong forums that even as the state seeks to formally make these unauthorized service illegal, it has adopted the e-Sabong name for its legalization initiatives.

What does Sabong mean in English?

“Sabong,” in English, basically translates to “cockfight” or “cockfighting.” Sabong is the Tagalog word for the sport, and Tagalog is the official national language of the Philippines. What is a sabong manok?

What are the best Sabong betting tips and tricks?

However, there are a few sabong betting tips and tricks to take into consideration if you’re new to the sport or are interested in the launch of legal e-Sabong, including the following: Know which side your rooster is on. In the Philippines, a sabong chicken fight is held in a cockpit, or sabong arena. There are two sides: Meron and Wala.

Manok Sabong

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