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manipulative in tagalog

What is the best Filipino/Tagalog translation for manipulation?

The best Filipino / Tagalog translation for the English word manipulation. man í pulasy ó n [noun] manipulation more... 1.) pagp á patakb ó - [noun] operation; manipulation more...

What is the meaning of manipulative?

The word manipulative means it is tending to influence or control someone or something to your advantage, often without anyone knowing it. Additionally, according to dictionary.cambridge.org, a manipulative person tries to control people to their advantage. What is Manipulative in Tagalog?

What is the difference between mapagmanipulang and manipulative?

When we say manipulative in English means it is tending to influence or control someone or something to your advantage. Meanwhile, ang mapagmanipulang ay ang pagiging magaling sa pagcontrol at magpasunod ng ibang tao.

What is the meaning of Hindi minanipula Si Timoteo?

Hindi minanipula si Timoteo o dinaya sa anumang paraan. Many mothers have been manipulated by their children at checkout counters to buy unnecessary toys and junk food that have been conveniently placed where the child can grab them.

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