If the latter is positive, everything is fine. On the other hand, if it is negative, it may well be that your betting method is not the most optimal and it would be wise to try to change technique.

In summary, these 2 tables will be very useful for you to have an overview of all your bets. They will allow you to highlight the positive points , avoid the mistakes already made and manage your bankroll . By doing this, you should greatly improve your chances of winning in the long run. Obviously, it will be necessary to be rigorous and to carry out month after month this kind of tables to establish an overall assessment at the end of each season. 

Betting on football is very simple, but betting on football is something else. If you think you can get very rich through sports betting, then you are not in the right place. On the other hand, winning money by 토토 머니 betting on football is possible. In the next few paragraphs, we will first explain how to bet on football . Then, in a second step, we will teach you how to bet well on football . Finally, we will see together what the mistakes to avoid are and how to start earning some money.

Well bet football

How to bet on football?

If you are new to sports betting and are wondering how to bet on football, we advise you to read this first section. What are the ways available to you to bet? How does a football bet work? The answers to these questions can be found below.

Ways to bet

For example, if you want to bet on football, there are 2 ways to do so today. Or you bet “physical” money, that is to say at the points of sale of La Française des Jeux (FDJ) such as tobacconists or PMU bars. Either you bet “virtual real” money, that is to say on online betting sites like Betclic, Unibet or Winamax. It depends on your preferences. What are the main differences between these 2 betting possibilities?

Bet on soccer tobacco: you have little choice concerning the types of bets (team A wins, draw or team B wins). For more choices, opt for the “Match of the day” newsletter, but you will not be able to make combined bets. In a future article, we will tell you everything you need to know to bet on tobacco.

Bet on football online: you have access to a wide choice of bets with odds often much higher than those you find in FDJ outlets. You can also bet anywhere and anytime (24/24). 


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