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What is the meaning of Liham?

liham• n. letter [syn. sulat] » synonyms and related words: letter n. 1. symbol representing a speech sound: titik, letra 2. a written message: sulat, liham v. to mark with letters: magtitik, titikan, magletra, letrahan correspondence n.

What is the meaning of Katawan ng Liham?

Katawan ng Liham Sa bahaging ito nakasulat ang mga nais iparating ng may-akda ng liham sa bibigyan niya nito. Narito ang halimbawa: Kumusta ka na?

What is the meaning of Isang Liham Pasalamat sa Guro?

LIHAM PASASALAMAT SA GURO – Paano sumula ng isang liham at ang mga pwedeng ilagay sa loob ng isang liham para sa guro. Ang isang liham ay pagsulat ng mensahe para sa pamilya, kamag-anak, at kaibigan.

Why is Liham called the city of soldiers?

It also lay nearest to powerful Qudra, which, together with the presence of several mamluk units, gave the larger city enormous influence on Liham's politics. The large military led to the title " City of Soldiers ", but it was also called Liham the Red, because the citizens enjoyed wearing clothing in various shades of crimson.

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