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leng scandal ph

Who is “Leng”?

A few years ago, the popular social media influencer Arlene Altura or popularly known as “Leng” goes viral online because of her daring photos and dance videos such as “Neneng B,” “Ivana Dance,” “Macarena,” “Catriona,” and other entertaining videos.

What happened between Raffy Tulfo and Leng Leng?

The YouTube vlogger “Ma kag@g0 ” exposed Leng’s alleged dark secrets and accused her of committing abortion and had a scandal video in the past. However, the issue has been settled after the TikTok star sought Raffy Tulfo’s help.

Is Leng endorsing kainpepe clothing line?

Recently, a Facebook user named Joshua Dela Torre has shared the photo of Leng endorsing a clothing line “KainPepe” owned by “Boss Toyo”. The photo garnered various reactions from the online community. In the photo, it can be seen that ‘Boss Toyo’ is slightly holding Leng’s lower body behind while posing for a photoshoot.

Is Arlene “Leng” Altura’s “KNPP” endorsement a secret?

Arlene “Leng” Altura also elicited comments from the online community after endorsing the clothing line. Leng’s photo endorsing “KNPP” merchandise goes viral after allowing “Boss Toyo” to hold her lower private body part. Recently, the YouTube vlogger “Makagago” exposed the alleged dark secrets of Leng in the past.

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