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kisaki tokyo revengers

Who is Kisaki in Tokyo Revengers?

Kisaki Tetta?) is the main antagonist of Tokyo Revengers. He rose to the top of the Toman by manipulating Mikey and organized Hinata Tachibana 's murder in multiple different futures. Kisaki is a man of average height, with blue eyes, and blonde hair (dyed). He also sports glasses and an earring on his left ear.

Who is the antagonist in Tokyo Revengers?

Tetta Kisaki ( 稀咲. (. きさき. ) 鉄太. (. てった. ) , Kisaki Tetta?) is the principal antagonist of Tokyo Revengers.

Does Tetta Kisaki die in Tokyo Revengers?

In Tokyo Revengers, Tetta Kisaki died in chapter 185 of volume 21 of the manga. After the war with Tenjiku was over, Kisaki escaped with Shuji Hanma, but Takemichi and Draken chased after him.

Is Kisaki good or bad?

Yes, Kisaki is the main antagonist of the series and also a brat who wants to keep everything to himself, his intelligence is off the charts compared to other members in whole Tokyo Revengers series. I’m sure if it wasn’t a guy like Takemichi with dogged determination, saving anyone could have been surely impossible. Does Kisaki Love Hina?

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