Once people find out you are a new at online poker, they all overwhelm you with various tips. Choosing only the right ones can be quite difficult.

Trying to reduce the distance between the online poker player that I currently am and the poker player that I intend to become soon, I am completely overwhelmed by various advices that are sometimes contradictory. A good way to get out of these ever-changing advices is to try and make a list of the elements that stand in any case.

When you have a good hand, bet on it. We try to be way too sleek too many times. When we finally get the dream poker hand we refuse to play it aggressively and try to take it very easy, because we want to trick the opponents. We will only allow others to catch up this way.

The weak players are blessed, as they will inherit the flop. These poker players are so afraid to raise a poker flop, that they almost never do it. They want to let the flop at its current level. This means they want you not to raise at all. If you have a good hand, raise the flop. If your opponents pay the blind with a weak hand, raise. Not because you want to harm them, but because you want to get their money.

Don’t get an attitude unless you are a winner. Poker is a game, about cards hands and money. If you want to prove yourself superior to others, make sure you are before throwing all your money away.

People can not tell your strategy if you don’t have one. This might sound funny, but think about it. Haven’t you ever done something stupid and because of that mistake you actually ended up winning? It’s fun to let others believe you have no idea how to play. In this case, they will end up building wrong strategies themselves, and you might win.

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