Avoiding being scammed by crooked online casinos should be the first lesson that everyone learns before they step into the world of online casinos because let’s face the facts here, the industry in Malaysia is filled with scammers, and it takes a special degree of vigilance to avoid being scammed by shady online casinos if you are a beginner.

No money and real money online casinos

It is frequently fascinating to read about online casino security and the distinctions between no-deposit and real-money casinos. The reality is that there are both similarities and variances. For starters, “no deposit” online casinos are exclusively found on the Internet. They lack physical gaming establishments. However, this does not preclude them from accepting bets or collecting money. This indicates that there are online casinos in Malaysia that permit players to receive rewards through their computers rather than playing with real money. All online casinos adhere to the same online casino safety rules as their land-based counterparts in this country. There are, however, variances in the software and encryption algorithms utilized by online casinos.

Be wary of untrusted mobile apps

Before you are permitted to play online at any online casino, you must download an application to your computer. Some online casinos do it differently though, such as Winbox online casino Malaysia that offers two versions of their online casino which are the web version and the mobile app version of the online casino. Players who choose to access their online casino content without downloading the mobile app can do so at the web version of Winbox online casino, this is how you know that an online casino can be trusted, they provide you with options as well as the freedom to choose. Normally, simply downloading online casino mobile apps should not be a major issue because it indicates that your computer is secure and cannot be compromised. Additionally, you should never provide your credit card number online or in any form. This makes the area safer for everyone because it eliminates the possibility of theft. But how do no-deposit online casinos differ from those that require a cash deposit?

Reasons to download an online casino app

If an online casino offers a web version for their site (the aforementioned Winbox online casino Malaysia), it would generally be the safer choice to use that version instead of downloading any mobile apps because the act of downloading and installing an online casino app requires the user to prompt their mobile phones to trust an unknown source — this is typically done through the phone settings. On the other hand, the web version of an online casino can be accessed by simply opening a browser. For example, Winbox online casino Malaysia’s official site itself doubles as a web version of the online gaming platform for players to access all of their online slot games, lottery games and other content. The only reason to download the mobile app version of an online casino is for the convenience because it is so much easier to launch an app and then start playing games right away. Besides, the primary distinction between online and land-based casinos is that online casinos use virtual chips rather than actual dollars. These virtual chips function similarly to any other virtual cash you might deposit with a bank. However, many online casinos will not permit you to wager with real money until you have placed funds into your online casino account. This is one of the reasons why the software must be downloaded onto your computer before you can begin playing.

Online casino instructions must be adhered to

To participate in the online casino, you must first agree to their terms and conditions. There are many of these online casinos make their players sign a contract known as the terms of agreement before they can sign up and create an account with the online casino, all online casino fans in Malaysia are warned and encouraged to read these terms carefully before they agree to it as there are also those that are fraudulent and will steal your information for their own gain. You must ensure that you read all of the directions thoroughly and carefully. If you have any questions, you should contact customer service. 

Check with customer service of an online casino whenever possible

Most online casinos in Malaysia have their customer service run 24 hours a day and customer service teams from reputable online casinos are all easily accessible. A customer service team that is hard to reach is a red flag in itself and shows that the online casino is not reliable or can be trusted. The majority of reliable online casinos will have customer service representatives available to assist you with any issue. Furthermore, there are also numerous online casinos that let you play for free before becoming a member, some shady online casinos on the internet use this as bait to lure in newcomers that do not know better. A truly reputable online casino does not have to pull cheap tricks like that because their reputation already speaks for itself.


The general rule of thumb within the online casino community in Malaysia is that only online casinos that are licensed can be trusted. Big casinos such as www.winboxslot.com Winbox online casinos typically seek licensing from PAGCOR or CURACAO, and they will display these licenses on their web page or on the front of the online casino home page itself. If you are unsure whether an online casino can be trusted, looking at the quality of their service, their general casino design as well as reviews on the internet would help a lot. Any questions should be directed to the online casino’s customer support team and their efficiency and their response should speak for the trustworthiness of the online casino itself.